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NZIHL February 18, 2018  4431

Potential import players should contact teams directly. Their contact details can be found on their respective team pages or their websites.

Information for potential players

A vital component of NZIHL teams are the import players. Each team is allowed to dress 4 import players per game and 1 permanent resident player (this will drop from 2019 season), however, there is no limit to the number they can carry on a roster. As our season runs typically from May until the end of August, it provides a perfect opportunity for overseas players to come during their off-season to play during the NZ winter. The completion of the season leaves enough time to return for the start of the northern hemisphere season.

League rules prohibit a team from paying imports for playing hockey. A team can, however, assist a player with airfare, accommodation, ITC and registration fees and also source and employment and pay reasonable rates for coaching ice hockey. Most teams have been successful in finding jobs for players and making sure they have suitable housing and transport to and from their home arena.

Total fees associated with the league differ from team to team however one can expect to pay approximately $1,000 NZD over the course of the season to cover expenses. Additionally, import players are required to hold a valid International Transfer Card from the IIHF. The ITC card is approximately $400+ and your team can assist you in acquiring one. The fees include rink costs and the travel/accommodation expenses during away games. In order to help offset costs, teams can use fundraising and seek sponsorship.

While in NZ, import players have been able to travel extensively and experience this beautiful country. Teams travel to Queenstown, Dunedin, Christchurch and Auckland. The ice hockey community in NZ is small but very welcoming. Many will go out of their way to assist import players to get settled while they are here.

Most overseas players who come to NZ come under the Working Holiday Visa scheme. It allows you to work and travel in NZ for up to one year. Details on countries eligible for this visa are on the NZ Immigration website.

If you are interested in playing, teams will be happy to speak with you about your options here in New Zealand. Contact your desired team at the links above.